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We are a youth organization committed to claiming space for young people in the city centre. We give away the key to our location to a different group of young creatives every two weeks or monthly, supporting them in their process to organise exhibitions, concerts, talks, ... whatever they feel like. And yes, it's free!

We function as a safe haven for experimentation and frequently as a kickstarter for new organisations in the city. We have welcomed over 60 organisations and individual artists over the years, like Stolfwolkcollectief, Girls Go Boom, Club Jacques, (Glimworm), De Kollifokkers, Kolder, HUNA Sounds, Luna Jong, Kelderkot, Xenogamy, El Sistema Pasota, Kwier, Vloedgolf, Dauwtrip, Bastorra, In Een Discotheek, Fadrea, Atelier Grotesk, MEER, Queer It Up, Bebe Books, Motif Collectif, LUCA Masters and many more...